Combining technology and nature to restore health

Building Up the System to Resist Cancer

Having an optimum immune system and a strong, functioning liver are key factors in the body’s fight against any disease…including cancer. The body’s ability to generate antibodies to counter germs and bacteria is crucial to a healthy equilibrium being maintained. It also needs to detoxify…the liver’s key role. Toxins may often pre-empt the onset of cancer. So what are the key factors in achieving this? Continue reading “Building Up the System to Resist Cancer” »

Natural Alternatives To Cancer Treatment

Cancer still claims many, many lives each year and, for some, the prospect of chemotherapy or other conventional treatments is not a pleasant one. There are a number of side effects and long term success is not necessarily part of the picture. So what are the alternatives?

The first thing to remember is that cancer can be beaten. The famous alternative clinics in northern Mexico have achieved miracles for many years. And there are similar options now springing up in Germany and India. Much of the natural options out there have been suppressed by heavy handed legislative measures. But there is still hope. Continue reading “Natural Alternatives To Cancer Treatment” »

Susceptibility to Lyme Disease

The Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, is spread through the bite of infected ticks. This can come from deer ticks, sheep ticks, hedgehogs and many small mammals.

Ticks can attach to any part of the human body but are often found in hard-to-see areas such as the groin, armpits, and scalp. In most cases, the tick must be attached for 36-48 hours or more before the Lyme disease bacterium can be transmitted. Continue reading “Susceptibility to Lyme Disease” »

‘Safe’ Levels of Environmental Pollution May Have Long-Term Health Consequences

September 2013 — If you’re eating better and exercising regularly, but still aren’t seeing improvements in your health, there might be a reason: pollution. According to a new research report published in the September issue of The FASEB Journal, what you are eating and doing may not be the problem, but what’s in what you are eating could be the culprit… Continue reading “‘Safe’ Levels of Environmental Pollution May Have Long-Term Health Consequences” »

Minerals and Health

All practitioners are aware of the value of minerals in treatment but recent test results from many different clinics have shown mineral deficiency to be the key factor in many of today’s health conditions. The ramifications of mineral nutrition are broad but how have we arrived at the scenario we‘re observing today? Continue reading “Minerals and Health” »

Building a Practice

Having a flourishing practice is most natural practitioners’ dream. But there are as many aspects to good business practice as there are to most natural therapies. Below are tips and key points culled from various successful natural clinics in Europe and the States. Continue reading “Building a Practice” »

Bone Density and Cartilage Loss

For the natural practitioner, skeletal conditions are often challenging, with many remedies offering palliative support but not eliminating the prevailing ailment. Whilst the passing years can take their toll on most people’s articular joints there are factors, too, that can precipitate a condition. So it can pay dividends to have an overall understanding of joint articulation, the formation of bone and why cartilage may deteriorate. Continue reading “Bone Density and Cartilage Loss” »


Radiation sickness is not a complaint the average practitioner is expecting to hear from a patient walking into their clinic. But nevertheless there is growing evidence that some cellular disturbances and physical conditions may be precipitated by exposure to radioactivity in some form. Continue reading “Radiation” »