Combining technology and nature to restore health

Welcome to Vitality Distribution

Natural and Holistic products

We are an international distribution company offering cutting edge products for the general public, doctors and practitioners. Vitality Distribution focuses on machines, supplements and therapies that can support or restore good health…the natural way.

Holistic Equipment

We offer electroacupuncture devices, Far Infra Red applicators and pulsed Cold Lasers. For Rife therapy we offer the BCX Ultra, the most powerful and authentic Rife machine in the world. Additional accessories for this machine include LED wands, bioelectromagnetic matts and Far Infra Red blankets.


We strive to support and promote natural and proven therapies. This ranges from Rife therapy to Phage treatment, detoxification and herbal options. We also develop some natural supplements, often marketing them ourselves. Please do browse our pages to find out more. Thank you for visiting!