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Natural and Holistic products

We are an international distribution company offering cutting edge products for the general public, doctors and practitioners. Vitality Distribution focuses on machines, supplements and therapies that can support or restore good health…the natural way.

Holistic Equipment

We offer a range of devices including electroacupuncture screening machines, Far Infra Red applicators, pulsed cold lasers, magnetic field machines for pain relief and lymph stasis, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field matts ( PEMF) and Rife machines. For Rife therapy we offer the BCX Ultra, the most powerful and authentic Rife machine in the world.


We strive to support and promote natural and proven therapies. This ranges from Rife therapy to detoxification and herbal options. From time to time we also develop some natural supplements, targeting specific conditions or nutritional needs, often marketing them ourselves. Please do browse our pages to find out more.

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic

Our sister clinic offers a wide range of modalities for treating and supporting the body. Using the latest cutting edge bioenergetic devices as well as proven supplementation regimes the clinic strives to turn around most conditions and restore health. Click the Clinic sidebar to find out more.

EAV Testing – London

EAV testing utilises a physical phenomena in the body called Meridian Lines. The use of the term Meridian Lines, stems from the ancient Eastern art of acupuncture. The term refers to energy channels that run through different parts of the body. These channels relate to specific organs or systems in the body, such as the endocrine system. In the twentieth century the German Doctor, Reinhard Voll, discovered various points on the body where measurements could be taken to establish the condition and health of the various organs and functions of the body. This evolved to be called ElectroAcupuncture According to Voll…hence the abbreviation EAV. The points used for testing became known as EAV acupoints. Read more


In 1995, after the Tokyo subway incident, the U.S. Government granted funding to Sandia Labs to create a decontaminant with low toxicity that could be used against known and unknown biological and chemical warfare agents. Sandia’s R & D team eventually came up with the technology that D7 is based on. Read more

Singlet Oxygen Therapy Activated Air Treatment

Singlet oxygen is basically an oxygen molecule containing more energy that the oxygen we usually breathe. In nature, plants, through the process of photosynthesis (sunlight & chlorophyll) produce singlet oxygen in the environment.

Using a special instrument called a Valkion Unit, normal air oxygen can be converted into singlet oxygen in a clinical setting. This form of oxygen has a very short lifetime (less than a second) and emits energy as it degrades to the ground state oxygen level. It is the energy emitted that the body utilizes not the actual singlet oxygen. Read more

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy

In 2005 in Japan, Professor Shigeo Ohta, searching for a new powerful antioxidant, stumbled across hydrogen. One of the smallest and most abundant molecules known to science turned out to have an ability to negate the two key enzymatic reactions that create free radicals. From this discovery Molecular Hydrogen Therapy evolved. Molecular Hydrogen gets its name because the process developed involved separating the H2 molecule  from the O in distilled water. Read more

Nano Gold

Over the last 10 years, Gold has been incorporated across a number of new medical approaches.In most instances the medium used was Nano Gold.

Nano minerals are not dissimilar to colloidal minerals in that they are suspended in distilled water. However, their particle size is way smaller and the process used in creating them is a lot more labour intensive. Gold nano particles are relatively safe, stable and easy to prepare, and they have many unique characteristics, such as small size effects, surface effects, quantum size effects, electrical effects, and optical effects.

Reported health benefits shown of Nano Gold include reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative disorders, as well as helping those trying to overcome depression and anxiety by helping the body’s own production of Dopamine (the neurotransmitter linked with the feeling of wellbeing). There have been additional results with rheumatoid arthritis.